The right place to start.

One of the things that sets Avenue Solutions apart from other firms is our initial consult, available from a fixed fee of $99. We provide these consultations from our office in Melbourne or Newstead, or by telephone/Skype.

Initial Consults

During an initial consult, we will listen to you to understand what you might need our assistance with. To the extent that we can do so, we will give you some preliminary advice during the meeting, and this will be followed up by an email which sets out the issues we have discussed with you, other relevant information, and the next steps/options. Initial consults are available for almost every legal issue, including:

Do you provide free consults?

No, usually we do not.

Our initial consults are far more than a typical 'free consult', which are often designed to identify the issue and advise how much it will cost for the lawyer to assist. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these kinds of consults, our initial consults do involve us giving advice if we can (and if we cannot we will not charge). Initial consults usually go for about 1 hour but, as they are not timed, can be shorter or longer depending on your particular requirements.


For bookings made before end September 2018, we are providing free initial consults to eligible small businesses based in Central Victoria. Consults are subject to usual conflict checks/clearance and to availability.