Talk to us about your employees or contractors.

Perhaps unfortunately, Australia has one of the most complex industrial relations systems in the world. This can make it difficult for small business to comply.

At Avenue Solutions we can help small businesses with all aspects of managing working relationships to ensure compliance and more. We can provide advice and assistance relating to:

- independent contractors
- employees, including casual, fixed term and ongoing employment
- employment / contractor agreements
- managing employment relationships - pay rates, terminations, suspensions, varying employment
- unfair dismissal claims
- general protections dispute applications
- responding to unions, Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission
- remuneration, taxation and superannuation

As part of our accounting services, we can also help with managing payroll and associated issues.

For small business, our low hourly rate of $159 applies for most employment law matters, and we can generally discuss such matters initially as part of our $99 initial consult fixed fee.