We can assist tenants and landlords with leasing.

We can assist small businesses with all types of commercial leases in Victoria.

We can help you as a landlord or a tenant. We can also handle lease terminations and transfers, as well as other transactions affecting commercial leases.

Retail Leases

Most small business we help are dealing with leases which are commonly referred to as 'retail leases'. This means that the lease is regulated by the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic). A 'retail lease' is not just restricted to retail/shop premises - these leases can extend to most types of premises where the principal activity conducted from the premises is the retail supply of goods or services. So, in effect, almost any lease for premises from which it is proposed to provide goods or services to the public will be a retail lease. Notable exceptions include where the annual rent exceeds $1 mil, or where the premises is in a high rise building (and is located above the first few floors of that building).

If you are a party to a retail lease, it is important to ensure compliance with the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Act). Among the most important obligations created by that Act relates to the issue of disclosure statements in certain circumstances. Both landlords and tenants can be required to issue disclosure statements.

At Avenue Solutions, our fixed professional fee for acting in connection with a retail lease is $1,290 including GST. Or you can choose our low hourly rate of $165 (inc GST).

Other commercial leases

If the premises being leased is not to be used principally for providing goods or services to the public, then the lease may not be regulated by the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Act). We recommend that, before proceeding on the basis that a commercial lease is not covered by the Act, legal advice by sought.

We can help with commercial leases not covered by the Act. Our fixed fee will depend on the type of lease being contemplated but, in most instances, our fee is the same as for retail leases - $1,290 including GST.