2020 Newstead Consult dates (first half):

  • Thursday 23 January
  • Thursday 13 February
  • Thursday 19 March
  • Thursday 23 April
  • Thursday 21 May
  • Thursday 18 June

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We're available in Newstead.

Cost effective legal services in Newstead, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Maldon, Guildford, Castlemaine, Clydesdale and surrounding areas.

In April 2018, we commenced a monthly visit to Newstead, where we provide legal services from the refurbished Newstead Railway Arts Hub building. We can also arrange home/business visits in appropriate circumstances.

In Newstead, we will offer our legal services which, as in Melbourne, are tailored to the needs of micro and small business. With a view to meeting the needs of the local community however, we will also expand our service offering in Newstead to include wills and conveyancing

We can arrange referrals for criminal and family law matters, and most other areas of law not currently serviced by Avenue Solutions.

Need an accountant?

We've got that covered, too.

Since our establishment in 2011, a core feature of our services to small business has been the availability of affordable accounting and taxation advice, again with a special focus on micro and small business. These services are now provided by our sister firm which also trades as Avenue Solutions. Services are available in our Melbourne office but we can take instructions in Newstead. For more information about accounting services, click here.

Why are we consulting from Newstead?

In 2016, our lawyer Richard Stewart purchased land in the local area and now visits frequently. For this reason and with a view to eventually relocating to the area, Richard has decided to start offering legal services locally, with a view to increasing these services slowly and over time. Initially, we will work from the beautifully refurbished Newstead Railway Arts Hub building, which Richard supports as a member of the governing sub-committee (a sub-committee of Newstead 2021 Inc). Visitors can find information about the Newstead Railway Arts Hub building here.

Richard has practised as a country lawyer previously, having started legal practice in Tamworth NSW (near to where he grew up). Since that time Richard has undertaken a diverse array of legal work, including wills, family law, criminal law, civic compliance law, court/advocacy work in his role as Principal Lawyer of the North Melbourne Legal Service (now Inner Melbourne Community Legal). At Avenue Solutions, Richard practices mostly in commercial law but will expand his practice to meet the needs of the local communities in and around Newstead. Read more about Richard here. 

If there is a matter with which you think we can assist, please do get in touch with Richard on (03) 9092 9891 or 0419 494 849, or by email to richard@avenuesolutions.com.au.