About The Firm


The practice of law cannot be merely a business. If it is to serve its proper function it must recognise the importance of law and justice, and of the legal system, to a viable and healthy human society. 


Avenue Solutions Lawyers is a law firm in Victoria. It was founded, and is now operated solely by, Richard Stewart. 

Established in 2011 as a multi-disciplinary practice (legal, accounting, tax), Avenue Solutions grew to a partnership of 3 who, together with a small staff of talented junior professionals, formed an exceptional team without whom the firm could not have evolved.  

Having reverted to a sole practice law firm in 2018, Avenue Solutions Lawyers currently operates from 3 locations each of which are co-work / shared spaces with private rooms. Services are also provided via Zoom and by telephone.

Avenue Solutions Lawyers continues its close association with sister firm AveSol Accounting (also trading as Avenue Solutions) and the two now separate firms work closely to service many of the same clients.