We believe that fee transparency is important and this distinguishes us from almost all other law firms. 


An important reason for the establishment of Avenue Solutions was to improve access to legal services for micro and small business in particular. We have always offered low cost initial consults and provided legal services at rates significantly lower than other law firms for comparable services. 

We remain committed to price transparency and fair pricing – hence the continued publication of hourly rates and fixed fees on this website. Whilst it is not the only, or even the most important, factor when choosing a legal service provider, price comparison is still encouraged. When considering the engagement of us, you should take into account the fact that we are a sole practitioner firm, our service ethos (as described on this website), and the fact that we may have limited availability at times. Unless we specifically agree with you first, we should not be engaged for urgent matters. 

We have gradually reverted toward more hourly rate pricing, whilst still offering fixed and capped fees where appropriate. 

Our lowest hourly rate of $165 (inc. GST):

  • demonstrates our commitment to ensuring broad access to legal services; 
  • reflects our belief that lawyers are not necessarily more valuable than other service providers. This rate is broadly the same as might be charged by tradespersons, including hairdressers, plumbers and electricians;
  • is well below the usual hourly rates charged by lawyers according to Choice, being between $350 – $650 per hour; and
  • provides me with the opportunity to earn a living commensurate with Average Weekly Earnings (pro rated). 

Higher rates for larger commercial entities generally reflects the higher risk associated with such work and/or increased complexity. 

We do not routinely accept instructions in litigation matters but may act in other forms of dispute resolution (e.g. mediation).  

Legal service description

Hourly rate including GST

Personal legal services and general business law services to micro and small business not described below



Commercial legal services for entities with annual turnover exceeding $5m or with committed assets exceeding $1m



Litigation and associated services



Fixed fee services

– Company formation $1,100.00 (including structure advice, attendances and company register)

– Will (basic) – $330.00

– Trade mark advice and application – $1,320.00

- Small legal job - $750.00

– Sale/purchase of small business – $3,300.00